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This is a “kissing Dean Winchester” appreciation post.

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Shall we play a game?

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something quick for kataraweek since i said i would draw something. I originally wanted to draw the prompt ‘Queen Katara’ but it turned into something really different? But idk hopefully maybe it suffices for ‘Hope’?? :”’) ggomenn

(and thank you lovely sock for helping me with my horrible english ur rad)

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How are you hoping or thinking that Dean/Cas interaction will go in s10? It's honestly one of the things i'm most looking forward to.


Me too, nonny, me too.  In fact, I’m so excited about it that I’ve literally had dreams about it, and had to think about it for a second before I realized that no, 10x01 hasn’t actually aired yet and Dean and Cas haven’t had several long, meaningful moments where demon!Dean couldn’t bring himself to kill Cas and where they both then had to negotiate the romantic and sexual tension between the two of them while fighting against their own better natures.  Mmm, that was a good dream…

But in all seriousness, I can’t really make any specific predictions about what their interaction will be like, but I think there are definitely certain themes that are going to be continued through season 10, and will influence the way their relationship progresses.  The biggest theme, of course, will be the ongoing question of who they really are, and what is it that they really want.  We saw during season 8 that the hints of what they both want are there, but hidden under the layers and layers of repression that season 9 showed us.  Dean wants to have a stable home environment that includes a wider circle of friends, especially Cas; Cas wants to be a part of the Winchester’s family, specifically with Dean, and away from the duties and tragedy involved with his heavenly associations.  Both of them were drawn away from what they wanted by the duties they perceived as their sole responsibility, which then led them to become exactly what they didn’t want to become: Dean as a demon, and Cas as an angel who depends on the destruction of other angels in order to survive.

Another theme that we should see addressed is the issue of abandonment, and whether Dean and Cas are capable of having a relationship without abandoning each other (inadvertently or otherwise).  This theme could eventually lead into actual communication about what it is that they both want from each other- for the other to stay with them- or it could just be addressed subtextually as it has been for the past two seasons.

As far as their direct interaction goes, I imagine that there won’t be all that much of it in the first half of the season, or at least in the first few episodes, since it seems that Sam is the one who encounters demon!Dean first.  In terms of Dean’s rehabilitation as a human, however, I think that Cas will actually be integral to his redemption.  After all, Cas has been through a fairly similar experience, and while you could argue that Sam also has the experience to help Dean through the other side of things, it seems that whatever it is that he does in the first half of the season is going to take a lot of the moral wind out of his sails.  Sam is going to have to examine exactly what he’s willing to do for his brother, why he’s willing to go to such extremes, and whether or not he’s capable of breaking free in the way that he so clearly wants to.

Cas, on the other hand, is in a position where, while his morality compass has been tested ferociously lately, he is actually able to say that he’s learned from his mistakes.  His compassion will probably get him a lot farther with Dean (both demonized and otherwise) than Sam’s desperate attempts to find the “real” Dean underneath the demon.  Dean needs to examine his own dependence on Sam and what that dependence is holding him back from, and the best way for him to do that is to hit rock bottom, and find Cas waiting on the other side.

All of that to say that I am super fucking excited for this season to start.

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Regeneration outtake.

(Disclaimer: I love Capaldi)

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These are not mine but I wanted to bring them together!  


I would read a novel about these two.


Yes have you met my friends Harvey Specter and Jeff Winger? Get the three of us together and we will burn this mother down.


"The Trans Clone"

Someone asked me once if it ever bothers me that Tony is always “the trans clone” and the answer is yes. Suggestions of things you can explore about Tony other than being trans:

- His messed up relationship with family (his happy “I’ve got sisters”. How he is clearly not a fan of his parents)

- His queerness in terms of sexuality. How does Tony move through the queer community? Or does he at all? Is he gay, bi, pan, queer, fluid, refusing to label himself because fuck all that noise? 

- His life of crime. Is it really a life of crime? Or just a job here and there? Is he mostly a thief? or is he a con sometimes like sarah?

- His relationship with Felix

- His thoughts on being a clone

- Where he went and what he’s doing now?

- How he met sammy? If he figures out Sammy was his monitor what he thought about that? Does he know about DYAD from Sarah? Does he know about monitors from Sarah? 

- The story behind his silver tooth

- If he’s ever been or always been homeless. How that’s impacted how he moves through the world. If his street smarts were hardened and how exactly that went? 

This list could on forever. I love that people include him in things, and talking about trans issues IS important. Boiling Tony down to his gender though…kind of not a fan. There’s so much more to him, I’ve started cringing every time I see him referred to as “the trans clone”. We don’t call Cosima “the gay clone” (or lesbian or bisexual or however she may identify since it’s never been confirmed by the character herself). Is it because he doesn’t have another moniker (like soccer mom, grifter, scientist, proclone, etc)? What is it about Tony that we so often sum him up as trans? Is it that he was only in one episode and people feel like we don’t know much about him?

So, there you go. Some ideas of other things you can talk about in terms of Tony (many, many, many of the people I follow do this already, and I appreciate you guys for it….don’t think I don’t notice, I do. This is a more general “outside my immediate community in the OB fandom” kind of thing I’ve noticed). 

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