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17th April 2014

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but leaving you is the last thing on my mind


but leaving you is the last thing on my mind

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17th April 2014

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Game Of Thrones gets auto-tuned and it’s goddamned delightful.

I am fucking jumping up and down and nearly crying this is so cool

hoooooooooooly shiiiiiiiiiiit

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17th April 2014

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You know what I appreciate about the Supernatural pilot? After Jess dies there are dozens of police officers, firefighters, and onlookers swarming the scene, and yet Sam’s in the back evaluating which assault rifle feels best in his hands.

Like “Agent Green, aren’t you supposed to be interviewing the eye witness?”

“Yeah but he’s elbow-deep in all kinds of terrorist equipment I’m 80% certain I saw grenades I ain’t touching that.”

The fact that these boys only get arrested like four times is stunning.

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17th April 2014

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16th April 2014

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16th April 2014

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9.18 | Meta Fiction


He reminded me so much of a lost kid in that scene. The way he was crouching against the wall, exhausted and horrified. He’s talking to Sam as if he was trying to convince himself that this is what actually happened…  that the ‘bad’ thing he did was almost killing Gadreel when in reality the truly horrible thing was that he didn’t kill him: not because ‘they needed him to talk’ but because Gadreel wanted to be killed. 

Another wondeful wonderful scene.Actually, to me this felt like Dean - in a twisted way - asking for help and at the same time realizing that him and Gadreel might have more in common than he’d like to admit (the wish to die for example - though it remains up to discussion whether Gadreel really wanted to die or if he was just pretending) and it scares him, because he knows himself less and less. And with every look in the mirror it’s getting worse, not better. Dean seems to be completely out of touch with himself. Tired, exhausted, done, unable to grasp, who he is.

Oh yes, this actually makes it even more horrifying. Because if we think about how Dean may have recognized himself in Gadreel and how he probably even understood that Gadreel wasn’t necessarily referring to Dean but to both of them, it would mean he’s not only beating Gadreel to a bloody mess but himself as well. I’m sure people have already been talking about this but it definitely looks like Dean was confronting his own more-or-less subconscious deathwish in that moment… I feel like he’s equal parts horrified, defeated and scared by what just happened between him, Gadreel and the mark. And as he’s lying there while Sam approaches, he’s completely lost with no sense of direction left (at least until he gets back up and rebuilds his protective layers that keep out any unwelcome sense of self-awareness). 

Wait wait… there’s something else here, it’s on the tip of my mind…

Dean is… talking… DEFENSIVELY… he rushes in before Sam has finished talking, like he’s PREEMPTING a criticism…

He’s talking to Sam about someone who WANTS TO DIE, but who Dean has been KEEPING ALIVE. And he’s hurriedly coming up with what sounds like justifications for that - like he’s saying, Sam, look, yeah he wants to die and I would have killed him, honest, but there are legitimate reasons why I chose not to, okay? I was… I was going to do the right thing and kill him like he wanted, but then I stopped because circumstances meant I couldn’t…

…is this, at all, maybe, related to Dean’s choice to keep Sam alive, even knowing Sam was ready to accept his death?

Perhaps Dean is lost here, partly, because he’s suddenly confronted with an understanding of what it means to want to die and how horrible it is to keep someone alive when they don’t want to be… and he’s equating that to what he did to Sam in 9.01 (even though it’s not the same - cos accepting inevitable death is NOT THE SAME as having a deathwish) and it’s left him internally reeling/guilty/lost, totally confused about what is right and what is wrong…

…something like that?

Okay wow, this whole scene is starting to make my head spin! So, I think there are now at least three different interpretations of this scene and all of them make so much sense I think! For one, it’s Dean trying to deflect the fact that he didn’t kill Gadreel with reasoning he doesn’t really believe but needs to verbalize in order to believe it himself. Secondly, there’s the idea that he’s starting to understand how much his and Gadreel’s story overlap, how much it scares him and at the same time how it makes him lose control over himself entirely. And then there’s the whole ‘what’s dead should stay dead’ turned ‘what wants to die should be allowed to die’ notion you mentioned - which is a conclusion I can totally see Dean make especially since he’s currently so high on guilt and self-loathing (interestingly, the ‘what’s dead should stay dead’ mantra was something he vehemently advocated and yet failed to stick to in S2).

However, since he is most likely in shock and confused over the sudden realisation of how he resonates with Gadreel’s deathwish, it makes everything so much more complicated - because yeah, what is right and wrong? How would he know? Dean’s not usually one for in-depth self-awareness. I think he’s quite used to experiencing intense emotions but has also perfected the art of keeping them at bay for as long as possible and only really looking at them/attempting to categorize them if he has no other choice or if - like it is in this scenario - he is forced to look at it… and he finds himself in a lost place: it’s too complicated, messy, too confusing and way too painful. 

Yes! Well summarised :)

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16th April 2014

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Metatron’s “Metafictional” Spell - The Ingredients (spoilers for SPN 9x18)


Let’s speculate…

Metatron was performing a spell in 9x18, “Metafiction”.

He was making sure, as he discusses with Gadreel at the end of the episode, that Heaven stayed securely closed.

And how did he perform that spell?

He ensured that Dean and Castiel did not reunite, but stayed on their separate paths - Cas as a leader of fallen angels, Dean on his further descent into the darkness invoked by the Mark of Cain.

Metatron’s spell was performed with Griffin feathers and fairy bones.

Griffins, according to their origins in Greek mythology, have the body of a lion and the wings and head of an eagle. This recalls the description of Seraphim we have from Isiah in the Bible - six winged beings with the faces of a man, an ox, an eagle and a lion.

We know Cas is a Seraph, and he calls attention to his feathered form in the episode, when he tells Dean he misses his wings.

So, Cas links to the Griffin feathers in Metatron’s metafictional spell.

And Dean?

Dean  is already linked to bone through his connection to the First Blade (made from the jaw-bone of an ass - or “old donkey teeth” as Crowley calls it).  

But why fairy bone?

Well, Dean has been abducted by fairies before of course (6x09 “Clap Your Hands if You Believe”) but there is also the ”inappropriate” subtext (so-called by Cas in “Metafiction”) which has linked Dean in particular to queerness since the show’s inception (“fairy” as a [derogatory and partially re-claimed] slang for “queer”).

Metatron’s original Heaven-emptying spell involved objects concerned with angel-human love (heart of a Nephilim, a Cupid’s bow, grace of a loving angel - namely Castiel). Here we see him consolidate that spell by keeping that same loving angel (Cas) and the person of his affections (Dean) firmly apart.

As the episode ends we watch Dean and Cas part company unhappily whilst a satisfied Metatron plays the Walker Brothers’ “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine”, a song all about losing love:

"The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore
Loneliness, is the cloak you wear
A deep shade of blue, is always there
The sun ain’t gonna shine anymore
The moon ain’t gonna rise in the sky
The tears are always cloudin your eyes
When you’re without love, baby”

Metatron’s spell of “un-love”, woven of feather and bone, is complete.   

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16th April 2014

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Sex Education in American Public Schools

every one makes fun of New Jersey but it fucking rules

Wow, these graphs really put the lack of proper sex education in school into perspective. 

Maine, North Carolina, and Oregon are doing pretty well, too…

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16th April 2014

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RTD subverted the idea of the Doctor as God, not supported it.

The imagery of the Doctor as an all powerful deity is constantly juxtaposed with him being unable to prevent death despite his most desperate efforts. Astrid’s resurrection is impossible and the notion of choosing who should die deemed monstrous, and the Master rejects the Doctor’s salvation to spite him. When he does eventually snap and and become the Time Lord Victorious, he is undermined by the actions of the very woman he saved.

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16th April 2014

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8x17 // 9x18


This is… interesting, this parallel.  Because it’s very, very obvious if you remember the scene with Meg at all, so it should pop out to, well, pretty much anybody.  So why is it here?  As a cute little reference? (Yeah, in an episode that’s about storytelling and subtext and all of that juicy stuff, suuuuuuure)

We could probably look at it as just a nice callback to Meg, the demon who bonded with Cas, even called him her unicorn.  We could remember how their relationship was interesting and dynamic, and how it had definite and pretty undeniable sexual and maybe even romantic undertones (maybe one sided, maybe not).  We could think about Megstiel, and maybe look at it as a reminder about this borderline romantic relationship Cas had before he was even human.

But.  I keep thinking about what Robbie Thompson said at Burcon, about how he didn’t think Meg and Cas were soulmates, that he didn’t know if Meg was even capable of love, and how during 8x17 he watched everyone blow up over that scene and wanted to tell them all to just wait for it, get ready for the crypt scene between Dean and Cas.  And I can’t help but think that maybe the fact that Metatron says the line is a little bit significant.  Because Metatron is the villain, paralleling a line said by a morally (dark) grey demon who dies later on in that same episode.  Because a few seconds later, Metatron reaches into Cas’ mind and dumps thousands of years of culture into his head without permission or understanding that just the history of human stories isn’t enough to convert Cas to his cause.

So maybe this was a reference not to a sweet moment in an episode filled with angst, but rather to a relationship that seemed to spell doom to the tension that had been building up between Dean and Cas- and yet died while Dean and Cas had one of the most romantic scenes they’d had yet.  Maybe having Metatron say the same words that Meg did is there to remind us that Dean was right in 8x17, we can’t really trust Megstiel over there to be endgame or anything close to it.

Or, maybe it’s just telling us that Metatron is going to die really, really soon.  Who knows?

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